The Journal of Guildmaster Shipwrecker


Dark Warlordz is a guild of people of all types. Although mostly pirates, it also has some non-pirate members, such as Jack Swordmenace. It's guild master was Shipwrecker untill he stopped playing pirates, he made Mr. big stuff the GM , and it was a fully maxed guild with 500 members, now is verys between 500-400 member. The wait list to get into the guild stretches longer than this article will when I'm finished editing it. We don't have guild wars, because we think that all should be united and not divided. This has allowed us to grow without much resistance, as we have not made any enemies. Dark Warlordz was one of the strongest and most famous guilds ever made, exceeding even the Co Empire in its grandeur.

The DownfallEdit

Dark Warlordz started to lose members and become not noted becuase Shipwrecker stopped playing pirates also a lot of good members left or stopped playing

Some Notable Members Or were notable members

Shipwrecker - GM

Rachel Darkscarlett/ Emily O'Malley/ Baby Rae/Switchblade Rae/all the other Rae's - Ship's real life wife. They play together.

Lisa O'Malley - Rae's best friend and Ship's personal confidant. She closed her guild to join the Dark Warlordz when it was still brand new. Sometimes called the Tri-GM.

Master X- One of Ship's high officers, though not many see him on much lately.

Yeehaw- YEEHAW! DUDE! Another high officer, always in a good mood

Jack Swordmenace- Has been with the guild since it was at less than 300 members. A high officer, and personal advisor to Ship.

Connie Tam- Another officer

Captain Jacques- One of the new Veterans

David Dampflint- Was a glitch master, but he left durning the downfall of the guild to start his own guild

More coming soon......

Note - This guild has won an award in the Strongest Guild Competition.