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The EITC Blackguards.

The EITC Guilds have arisen!

For about a year or two now EITC guilds exist. Most were started and owned by Benjamin Macmorgan but is a debate who started the first guild. Many say the first was the Co. Empire. it spreaded... many other guilds copied the name... Captain Andrew, Admeral Quwas, and Usman were the head members. But this guild has crumbled, but many EITC guilds replaced it.

Benjamin made a new guild... the United Empire.... it was said to be a Pirate Guild, however, it has become EITC.

Other guilds such as Co Empire's Reunite, and EITC Black Sharks boost the ranks of the EITC.

  • Note: the P E A C E Keepers are also know for a few EITC members

List of EITC Guilds.Edit

The Co. Empire.

United Empire.

EITC Black Sharks.

The Evil Brigade.

Co Empire's Reunite

Co. Republic

Legendary Co. Elite

The Co Empire.

United Co. Army.

Elite Co. Army.

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