Elitesharpshooters trooper.

An EliteSharpShooters Trooper.

Thr EliteSharpShooters are a navy system and guild. They are HIGHLY trained Sharpshooters to hunt down Seleton Generals.

The Navy gets the best-of-the-best-of-the-best-of-the-best SharpShooters in this group. they are ELITE!

All about the guild.Edit

The Story of Sector 4.Edit

Once, they had a base/outpost on the rock of Tortuga, named Sector 4. But the SharpShooter, Admiral Murlean and his men were killed, and the base was taken over by the Skeletons. General Sandspine now owns the base, with buring Navy forts everywhere. Sandspine use to live in a Rats Nest, so he named the new Skeleton fort Rat's Nest. It now swarms with skeletons, especially Brigands.

Will now leads his squad to finally take back the fort, and claim sector 4 as his own! He named his Sharpshooters squad the Delta Squad, even though the guild name is EliteSharpshooters2.
Elitesharpshooters. small house

A small part of Sector 4 that is still standing. This is the only place for the SharpShooters to retreat to.

EliteSharpShooters ; Will bending

Commander Will.

Elitesharpshooters. Nathaniel

Sergeant Nathaniel.

Members :

Will Goldvane - Squad Commander.
EliteSharpShooters. Jared

Lieutenant Danner.

Elitesharpshooters Commander Goldvane

Commander Goldvane.

Nathaniel - Sergeant.

Jared Danner - Lieutenant.

Jason O'Cutter - Trooper

James - Rookie.

Ranks :Edit

Admiral - No member has been given this rank yet.

Captain - No member has been given this rank yet.

Commander. - Will Goldvane

Sergeant - Nathaniel.

Lieutenant - Jared Danner.

Gunners - no members have been given this rank yet. Soldiers - Most members are soldiers.

=Commands and sayings.


Delta Formation! ( Suround the enemy )

Take ' Em Down! ( knock down enemy, using a Hurricane Slash, Bayonet bash, power sash, etc.. member must ask ' Take 'em down sir? ' and the commander must give permission. )
EliteSharpShooters ATTACK!

Will signalling for his men to attack!

Rookie ( Member who joined in the amount of 2 days. )

Man down! ( Soldier is knocked out )

Retreat! ( Run away )

Fall Back! ( Retreat to the nearest fall back station. )
EliteSharpShooters, FALL BACK!

Will Goldvane signalling for his men to fall back.

Fall back!

Theres a lava-fall headed our way!