• Francis Brigade line Formation.

    The brigade in line formation.

    Nate and girl vs brigade

    The brigade gets in line formation when suddenly Nate Ironshot appears and orders a female ninja too attacki!

    A millitary guild, formally owned by Francis Bluehawk.

Francis BrigadeEdit

Guildmaster: Francis Bluehawk

Second in command: Roger Wareagle Army Officer: George Treasurestealer.

Ranks : Lt., Srgt., Coproal, Major, Captain, General, second sergeant, second Lt. etc

Classes: Soldier, Navy, Grenadier, Sharp Shooter, Royal Guard, Cabinet, Cavalry


1 Home Server : Exuma

  • 2 Territories

Home Server : ExumaEdit

Francis Brigade was a small band of saboteurs and bandits in early Janaury. Numbers have grown within the past few months. Founded on December 21st, 2009 , The Francis Brigade was just another guild. But it grew seizing land like the Brigade Triangle and Camp Baboon Forest.

[edit] TerritoriesEdit

Land clamied by the Brigade:

  • Rumrunners (food/drink cache)
    • Driftwood Island (Brigade meeting Island/heavily guarded outpost)
  • Tortuga (Camp Baboon Forest)

Other Info:

Francis Brigade is known to have the best guild navy in the game. All ship battles with the brigade have been won except two against The Cold Crusaders and Maurader's Militia. We lost miserably over the deadly SvS battle with Bandidos Are Back which ended up destroying the guild. Francis is known as a escape artist. His Words : ' No, I don't tp away from enemies. '