Fury Unleashed is a guild currently with 457 members and growing. Usually there are people at Foulberto Smasho, General Darkhart or sailing the high seas for plunder. Fury is a friendly guild and members are always willing to help others both inside and outside of the guild. Promotions are made by the GM along with in-put from officers. Generally all members will become Veterans after they have spent some time in guild and get along well with the others. We love to help each other and we work together to make the guild better and better.


1. Be repectful to everyone.

2. Ask before teleporting.

3. Have fun!

PS.. we do not tolerate drama!!

Known MembersEdit


  • Random Chaos ( aka Wicked and Malice)


  • Evel A. Mungus
  • Sam Badbones
  • Ender
  • Horace Badshot
  • Edward Foulstack


  • Christopher Stormhawk
  • Trish Peer
  • Swashkiller
  • Crymea River
  • Eliza Firehawk
  • Artemis
  • Constance
  • Jason Foulvane
  • Catano
  • Angel Heartbreaker
  • Mother Pearl
  • Sandy Treasures
  • Peg Legs
  • Tobias Chaincastle


  • Tobias Pugpratt
  • Bigman
  • Mark Warstealer


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