Maurader's MilitiaEdit

Maurader's Militia was created on August 15, 1721 by General Simon Treasurehawk

We are the Resistance, we will not fail, we will not fall.Edit

Note: We are a resistance, We hold EITC, Navy, Pirate, & Undead

  • Headquarters: Isla Cangrejos, Antik
  • Flagship: Riptide Wrath
  • War Status: Peace
  • Guildmaster: Simon Treasurehawk
  • Co - Guildmaster: Raymond

Code to JoinEdit

  • Code: ALAV2225


  • Members: 180
  • Officers:
  • Veterans:

Guild BasesEdit

The guild does not own large islands, we like to stay hidden.

Bases are:

The Scouts: Rumrunner's

The Army: Cutthroat

The Armada: Isla De La Avarcia