The Order of Nautillus is a pirate's guild on POTCO. The Order was created on 28 March 2011 (1722) by her founder, Nicholas Nikolai (current in-game name: IL Natuilea). The Order was started while Nicholas and Jack Pistol were hunting for cursed blades at Isla Tormenta. The idea was for the guild to be a new home for the Telltalini family and for activities like : Cursed Blade Hunting, PvP, SvS, General Looting and other activities.

Guild HistoryEdit

When the guild started Nicholas and Jack immediately began to recruit and they grew the guild rapidly. After a few days of recruiting and guild expansion,the guild did an invasion together on their home server, Guines. After the invasion they began to recruit players who were still hanging around. The guildmaster of Walker's Assassins got jealous and tried to convince people not to join us but instead to join him. The Order didn't tolerate such things and when he refused to stop PvP, war was declared. Nautillus won the PvP match and Walker left but continued to harass our members later.

Nautillus went to Tortuga Abassa to get help against Walker's Assassins and INFERNO agreed to help. Nautillus continued to grow and invited members on Abassa to the guild often. On one of the days they were inviting, Ned Yellowbeard seemed to feel like we were his competition and began accusing us of theft and lies. The alliance ended and war broke out. Nautillus grew famous for fighting INFERNO.

Eventually both wars died out and then Co. Black Guard began attacking without orders from the lord marshall of the time,Samuel Redbeard. The Battle of Telltale HQ took place. Nautillus and her allies with lots of help from Simon Treasurehawk and more won.

After the battle, Nautillus decided to try avoiding wars with the exception of the war on Pearson for Russia.

Nautillus TerritoriesEdit


  • Capital Server
  • Fort Charles - Base of Armed Operations
  • Governor's Mansion - Democracy HQ,Governmental and Presidential Apartments
  • Port Royal Town - Commercial and Residential Area


  • Province of Nautillus
  • Fort Charles - Foreign Meeting Area and Secondary Military HQ


President - Nicholas Nikolai

Deputy President - Jack Pistol

Grandmaster - Signora Miss De Firenze

Senators - All Officers

Congress - All Veterans


Grand Marshal - Admiral of the flag

General - Admiral

Brigadier General - Rear Admiral

Colonel - Naval Colonel

Commander - Naval Squad Captian

Lieutenant - Naval Lieutenant

Seargent - Naval Captain

Major - Naval Midshipman

Corporal - Second Class Envoy

Cadet - Envoy

Notable MembersEdit

  • Nicholas Nikolai - Guild Founder and Current Guildmaster
  • Signora Miss De Firenze - Grandmaster of Guild
  • Jack Pistol - Head Officer
  • Jack Shipwrecker - Well trusted officer and has been a member for long
  • Victoria Wolfsbane - Well trusted officer and has been a member for long


  • North


None at the moment.

Banned ListEdit

  • Nate Treshercaptain - For betrayal and many more reasons

Guild ActivitiesEdit

  • Cursed Blade Hunting
  • Plunder Trips
  • PvP
  • SvS

Guild UniformsEdit

The guild uniform is a choice not a requirement. The exact pieces of clothing arent necessary, anything similar is fine.

Full Uniform as worn by Nicholas Nikolai and Jack Pistol:

  • Hat - Steel Conquistador
  • Coat - Barbossa Coat
  • Shirt - St Patrick's Day Shirt
  • Vest - Grey Sack Vest
  • Pants - Valentine's Breeches
  • Belt - Any
  • Boots - Royal Commodore or Valentine's Breeches

Basically if you can get a conquistador type hat with a full outfit of black you pretty much have the uniform.

Screenshot 2011-05-14 15-39-27

Nautillus Standard Uniform