Pieces Of Me is a guild that has more than 475 pirates.The GM is Sparkle O Powder.The guild is found almost everywhere.If you join you will receive a huge welcome.Anyone can join.There isn't any level rules.There are rules to join though.This guild is always active.If you ever get interested, have fun!

Rules: Please ask before teleporting.Please be polite to your fellow pirates, as these are your long term pirate friends To get help you must also give help Please respond to sos in guild chat if you are available. If you are the one requesting the sos, when a pirate teleports to you, please respond with a ty in guild chat so we know someone is on the way. Remember that asking for an sos doe not guarantee that someone is available. It is a privilege and a courteously. Please remember there are real people and feelings behind the pirate avatar. Please treat others how you would like to be treated.No fighting in guild chat.No sos in guild chat if you are at Smasho Furberto or Rage Ghost or similar areas like that. These areas are populated with many pirates that can revive you. You are on your own at these places.

Veteran Rules All the rules in the Officer Rules apply to veteran. You are a veteran cause you are meeting some of these guidelines as stated in officers. You can earn officer status by simply meet some of the rules set forth above more consistantly Must be in the guild a minimum of one week Be active and online at least once a month

Officer Rules All officers must help and assist lower level pirates. Respond to sos calls when possible. Help keep conflict and drama to a minimum. Report to the guildmaster Sparkle O Powder any conflict , drama or situations that need to be watched.Officers MUST be active. All officer required to attend guild invasion crews. This helps the guild grow and level up as a team. Please add one new members to the guild a week. Attend weekly guild meetings.