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  • This month’s FAOTM is..

    EITC Guilds! The EITC Guilds were started in 2009. First, Benjamin Macmorgan created the Co. Empire. It soon crumbled, but the EITC's Guilds did not fall, for more were created. Elites of Co, lead by the new leader, Captain Leon was created. United Empire, Macmorgan's second EITC Guild was created. And many others, such as Co. Republic, a mass army lead by Cad Bane. All three claim they own the EITC Guild franchise, but who will claim the spot? Currently, the EITC have put taxes out in the Caribbean. Gaining enemies, such as the 5th Brethren Court, the EITC struggle to survive. Plus, the Francis Brigade has been taking out their sea lines. But not all is dim for the EITC, for Captain Leon, Benjamin Macmorgan, Samuel Redbeard, and Cad Bane have been putting up good strong battles against others. NOTE - The FAOTM is on hold untill June due to inactiveness.


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