Hi, I'm Legases, and I am the guildmaster of Sacred Soulz on POTCO! If you want to join, message me here on wiki, and we'll figure out a time and date to meet!

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Sacred Soulz

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In this Guild, I will try my best to help my fellow members! To become an OFFICER, you must prove me that I can trust you. Why do I need to trust you? Because I don't need an officer kicking people for no reason. To become a VETERAN you must be on POTCO daily, or every other day, because I don't want inactive Veterans in my guild, Veterans are enabled to invite others to my guild, so if you're inactive,  then the guild won't grow!


Message me here on wiki, YouTube, or via Email a time and date you want to meet, and add the time zone you live in so I can figure out what time it is for my area!