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May 12, 2009

Current GM.


Overall Rankings/ Top Guild

Enemies Defeated

7th Place

Ships Sunk

16th Place


27th Place


23rd Place

PvP Mayhem

16th Place

PvP Team

16th Place

Highest Daily


Top 100 Rankers


Spania Posses these titles in ranking:

  • Strongest Guild
  • Highest Rankings per single day
  • Higest Rankings in the year ( in the last 3 years! - including this year)
  • Highest number of player rankings simultaneously
  • Highest first daily player highest ranker (Charlotte Bladesilver - 20040)

Spania has some of the most talented and creative pirates in the Caribbean. Spania attracts talents from all walks of life, whether you come from a poor pirate life, or look for an opportunity to help the community - Spania home of free. With our basic rules to uphold our values is known to provide equal opportunity to those who seek it. We are known across the islands because our friendly members proudly represent the mother guild of SPANIA.

Our moderate views help us strive for justice, and equality. We believe in equality for all. Whether you are an experienced player with years of experience or you just joined the POTCO community, we welcome you. New players bring fresh ideas, and new experiences. We are always excited about welcoming our next wave of talent. [2]Spania Guild

We are a diverse melting pot of guilds, and pirates all across the world. When we find hurt pirates, seeking opportunity, when there is suppression, and hostility in your current guild, when your life is boring, and you feel lonely, Spania home of the free; welcomes you with opportunity.

Spania is one of the most popular guilds in the Caribbean and is often found during invasions and the treasure fleet activities in the Santia server.


Requirements for joining:

To join our guild you need to be level 15 and up, with Open Chat enabled, unlimited access, and willing to participate and obey by the rules.

Joining Tips
  • If you are level 50, we would prefer you to join a lower level pirate - so that you get a fresh touch of experience on leveling and interacting with us. After doing so, you may join your level 50.
  • If you have more than one pirate - we would need you to join your main pirate, or the pirate you play the most.
  • If you want to join a secondary character that you do not play much - your application may be rejected. We would like you to play with us, not to just join.
  • If you have more than 4 characters, you will need to talk to the GM or a senior officer before joining.
  • We reserve the right to accept or deny any application, on case by case basis - we will definitely share with you the reason, if you are denied.

Spania members