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This guild is Navy!

This guild was made during the battle at raven cove by Lawrence Greasehazzard as backup for the EITC. There was a riot in the guild becauuse the wanted to be a treasure guild so they got massacred.

A member

The Unlimited invite code is SAKZ3863.

[edit] Ranks:Edit

(Guildmaster is Everything, Pirates with names Pirate, Buccaneer, or Swashbuckler aren't in here yet until I find a solution to distinguish them) more ranks coming soon

  1. Deadly Assassin: Jason Warhound
  2. Deadly Assassin Assistant: Geogator
  3. Dark Assassin: Anne Bridgebreaker
  4. Dark Assassin Assistant: Brian Gold Gun
  5. Deadly Ninja:Tyson
  6. Dark Ninja: Jasmine
  7. Chief Voodoo Practicer: Jack Fireskull
  8. Fortune Teller: Simon Sunfitte
  9. Fleet Leader: Jack O'grim
  10. Fleet Navigator: Marc Suncrash
  11. Silent Swordman: Charles Bluegrim
  12. Reckless Swordman: Taylor Scary
  13. Deadly Sharpshooter: William Plundermorgan
  14. Dark Sharpshooter: Jane Seawalker
  15. Dark Sharpshooter Assisstant: Captin Loud Fire
  16. Deadly Scout: Elizabeth Fireswain