This guild is no longer active and has been transferred to a new guild.

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We Die Together Jr. Is We Die Together's Junior guild for everyone who dose not meet the level requirement to join We Die Together.Be Sure to check out our guild site by clicking here.Founded: April 25th, 2011Guild Master: ShawnDawn

Co GuildMasters: Katherine and JohnnyDaPirate.


People of any level can join.


Be Nice- Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Help others in need. If someone ask for help, help them if your not busy.

Welcome others when coming online and when joining the guild.

No Cursing - Foul Language will not be tolerated.

No Drama! If you see Drama, Please report it to an Officer or GuildMaster/Co. GuildMaster.

Ask to teleport to other members.

No breaking Disney's Code of Conduct in any way.

We Die Together Leaders

Dawn SPCard-JDP

We Die Together Guild Master

Johnny SPCard-JDP

We Die Together Co. GuildMaster

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We Die Together Co. GuildMaster

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